Custom In-Ear Monitors



Dr. Godinez’s goal is to provide a homemade USA product to our customers with the highest quality and tailored sound experience available at a competitive price. Our custom fit as well as our universal fit in-ear monitors (IEMs) are not only for the professional musicians and/or audiophile but for music-lovers who demands more.

Committed to Superior Audio

Our products provide up to 10 precisely & specifically tuned balanced armature drivers in each ear to provide you the ultimate audio experience.

Relentless Focus on Quality Since 2006

Each custom product is expertly handcrafted, tailored and fit to your individualized ear contour.


Less Listener Fatigue

When an earplug plugs the external auditory canal, the speaker vibrations create acoustic pressure. In the confined space of the closed auditory canal, these become harmful amplified pneumatic pressures and cause the tympanic membrane to move with amplitude thousands of times greater than normal. Minuscule muscles around the tympanic membrane then stiffen to protect the ear by lowing the sound. To overcome this reduction you innately turn up the volume. The more the volume increases, the more the tympanic membrane stiffens. And so on. And so forth.

With ADEL™, it’s quieter and safer– often operating at 1/10th the amplified in-ear power levels of long-established listening devices. And by not prematurely stiffing in-ear muscles, which dramatically compress the volume, loud sounds in fact sound louder and in most cases require less overall volume levels.


Widen The Soundstage

ADEL™ will augment the way in which you hear music. This technology adds an additional Tympanic membrane into all of our in-ear monitors. This 2nd Tympanic membrane takes all the punishment of the pneumatic pressure levels caused by sound in the external auditory canal, and delivers crystal clear, euphonic sound that’s beyond comparison all while protecting your hearing acuity.The results from the Vanderbilt University Medical Center study show that using ADEL™ allows listeners to enjoy the ultimate perception (you maintain decreased volume levels with the perception of hearing considerably loud). This provides user a louder yet safer, high fidelity listening experience at significantly decreased power levels (1/4 to 1/16th typical levels) without the perception of volume damping.


Easy Removal

The ADEL™ modules were designed for easy removal or installation. The module is housed in an aluminum nest to better protect the module and higher durability for even the most demanding users.



We stand by our products unconditionally

You have a problem with your IEM

  • Simply bring them in and we will call the manufacturer to resolve your problem.
  • Most devices are equipped with 1-2 year manufacturer warranty.

Are your IEM not fitting correctly

  • Our devices come with a 1 year manufacturer fit guarantee (just bring them in and we will handle it) .

Where do I get my impressions

  • Don’t worry! Your impressions will be done by Dr. Godinez. (Advanced & premium IEM receive a discount for the impressions).

How do I provide maintenance to my IEM

  • We got you! At no charge for 2 years. Drop them off and we will thoroughly inspect & clean your IEM. (Additional charge for repairs and tuning)

Which IEM is right for me

  • Don’t panic! Dr. Godinez will recommend you the best option based on what your needs are, what instrument you play, what you enjoy and whether you value hearing protection.