Professional Reviews

Fruit Punch

Dr. Godinez has counseled our company on the attention to detail with our customers. His ideas regarding product and strategies has been outstanding. His demand for hearing safety has increased our strategic awareness. Specifically, Dr. Godinez has been instrumental in the development of children headphones that in our opinion maybe revolutionary. In addition he has guided us towards investing in the Hispanic community. We are thrilled and fortunate to have Dr. Godinez on our team. We value him; and have become more excited about the future.

Alan A, President & CEO


Epick Learning

My Experience with Dr. Godinez is one of great positivity and his energy to change the world and help the less fortunate is his mantra. He has a desire to go beyond the call of duty which makes him a rare commodity. With his unique business knowledge and expertise, he is able to not only think outside the box, but understand the complexities and realities of executing on his vision. We truly value Dr. Godinez talents and comprehensive medical & business knowledge

Armie C, CEO & Founder


Atorney at Law

I have a mutual business relationship with Dr. Godinez. We both provide support to an emerging business. I have witness first-hand how he has supported our CEO to the highest level. As an advisor to the corporation, Dr. Godinez has demonstrated superior analytical capabilities that have been invaluable to the company as we embark on an aggressive expansion campaign. As a member of the advisory council, Dr. Godinez has played a key role in identifying a number of new initiatives that the entire company feel will add tremendous value. Finally we are all fortunate to exploit his skills as a doctor and both his intellect and analytical skills.

Richard G, CEO


Tower Podiatry

I have a professional relationship with Dr. Godinez and his high regard for his patients. Dr. Godinez goes well beyond his professional duties and has accepted a large responsibility of exclusively seeing a large number of HMO. He has chosen treat this specific patient population with significantly lower compensation rates compared to Medicare or other PPO Plans. In my professional opinion Dr. Godinez ability to practice with this patient population is essential and without his services they will ultimately get hurt.

Dr. Arash H, CEO


Syndicated Insurance Agency

I have worked with Dr. Godinez for over 5 years. I’m proud to know and work with a person of great character, integrity and passion to serving the underserved. Dr. Godinez has demonstrated care towards his patients, whereby he takes the time to analyze their specific needs and recommend our agency to complete those objectives. On numerous occasions, Dr. Godinez has collaborated with us to find solutions that benefit individuals such as seniors and persons with special needs. He also actively participates as an advocate to the healthcare industry and the patients he serves by meeting with our elective officials and discussing legislative issues affecting the community we serve. We’ve also collaborated with educators to develop programs to raise awareness on Audiology and bring future practitioners to serve in our community. It’s a pleasure to work with Dr. Godinez and I have gone as far as trusting him with my daughter’s health issue and I would not hesitate to entrust my other family members as well.

Jason V, VP, Business Development


Tim K M.D.

I have worked with Dr. Godinez for over 10 years specifically in skilled nursing facilities. His Audiology Acumen and skills, along with his compassion and ethical patient care has set him apart, influencing and impressing all medical personnel and patients. My observation of his competence is that he is inordinately attentive and well versed in all facets of Audiology. As a colleague his a pleasure and support staff hold with esteem for his pleasant and friendly manner. His willingness to offer Audiological help, advice and support whenever & wherever is what makes Dr. Godinez shine as a provider. I wholeheartedly support Dr. Godinez and truly believe that he is a role model for all providers.

Dr. Tim K CEO & Otolaryngologist


California Neurological Services

Dr. Godinez shows the skills of a team worker and highly efficient. He exhibits great knowledge and has great communication with patients and their families as well as being very patient and friendly. Dr. Godinez is an asset to the community as a bilingual provider; he has treated many of my patient’s and is always a pleasure to work with. He is also is an excellent role model for the health plan and for the people in the community; I look forward to continue working with him in the future.

Dr. Nader A M.D., CEO & Neurologist


Florence Western Medical Clinic

Dr. Godinez acumen and skills, along with his compassion and cultural sensitivity in patient care has set him apart, influencing and impressing medical personnel and patients. I have confidence in his competency as well as his professional ethics. As a colleague he has been a pleasure to refer to, and patients and supporting staff alike hold him in high esteem for his pleasant and friendly demeanor. His willingness to see patients of all needs and requests, along with his attentive care, has allowed him to be the compassionate Doctor needed in our community.

Dr. Kevin T M.D., CEO & Medical Director


AB Medical Clinic

Dr. Godinez provides audiology services for our patient’s and has provided excellent service during the past 10 years. I find him to be a leader in the community, and a strong patient advocate. The medical community and I find him to be a true role model for all providers demonstrating leadership, compassion and exceptional care. This level of care he provides to all his patient’s on a daily basis is what sets him apart as an elite medical provider.

Dr. Amir B M.D., CEO & Medical Director


Sherman Oaks Hospital Lab

I find Dr. Godinez to be very professional, engaging and amiable. As a colleague he has been a pleasure. The staff at Sherman Oaks Hospital hold him in high esteem for his pleasant and friendly deposition. His willingness to promptly offer help, advice in illnesses affecting hearing makes Dr. Godinez an asset in our institution. It is my opinion that he is an excellent provider and we look forward to his continue patient care and contribution to our institution.

Anwar M M.D, Director of pathology & Laboratory


Liberman Broadcasting (Estrella Tv network)

Dr. Godinez participated in the in the community program of Estrella TV network, “Frente a frente”, his opinions, advice and comments were clear and professional as well as helpful to our viewers.

Guillermo A, News managing editor and news reporter


West Hills Hospital

Dr. Godinez is an advocate and a leader to his community and his contributions to the less fortunate are admirable. I find him to be an asset to the greater Los Angeles community as his skills are much needed and valued. Character wise, he always puts the interest of his patients first, regardless of ability to pay. Dr. Godinez is truly a champion of the underserved population and that has allowed him to gain the trust of the Los Angeles community. I have also observed that his respected not only by his patients but by Hospitals, Health plans and insurance agencies. Dr. Godinez has also gone beyond his role of a practicing Doctor by assisting patients in maximizing their insurance benefits, furthering the knowledge of Audiology at educational institutions like Los Angeles Valley College, nonprofit organizations and his local Politicians.

Ed V, Board Member


Valley Industry and Commerce Association

Dr. Godinez is a leader in the San Fernando Valley Business and Audiological communities. His an active advocate for the community he serves and prides himself in furthering the understanding of Audiology to others. Dr. Godinez has the experience and insight to advise on audiological, business and economic issues. As an active member and in his role on the Government affairs and healthcare committees, he helps shape the advocacy efforts of one of southern California’s most powerful organizations, regularly interacting with policy makers and helping to guide VICA’s organizational positions. Both I and this institution have found him to be passionate in helping the underserved and a champion for the local community. With a strong knowledge of business and economics, his contributions to the organization are invaluable. This outstanding record both as a leader and advocate make him an asset to our community.

Stuart W, VICA President


Integrated Health Systems

My experience of Dr. Godinez is that his a honest and righteous individual and a champion for the less fortunate. What stands out is his approach in following normal billing practices for his specialty. In fact, it has been noted that he regularly down codes from the approved referral CPT codes and reduces his reimbursement. In addition, works closely with IPA’s to ensure all patients that need care are receiving it. This is a testimony to his character as many Audiologist would not even accept Medi-Cal HMO patients. Lastly his a pleasure to work with, his office is well managed and his documentation is excellent. I look forward to working with him for many more years and would trust and refer him to all of my family, friends and clients.

Sherri Loveall, General Manager


Health Clinic of Southern CA

Dr. Godinez’s Audiology acumen and skills, along with his compassion and ethical patient care has set him apart, influencing and impressing all medical personnel and patients. My observation of his competence is that he is inordinately attentive and well versed in all facets of Audiology. As a colleague he has been a pleasure, patients, doctors and support staff alike hold him in esteem for his pleasant and friendly manner. His willingness to offer audiological support, guidance and assistance is what makes Dr. Godinez unique and shine as a provider.

Neda M D.C., CEO and Director


Healthy Hearing for Life

Dr. Godinez is an inspiring and passionate Audiologist. I find him to be very knowledgeable and always willing to consider different viewpoints without arrogance. As a practitioner, his patient interactions and bed side manner are enthusiastic, pleasant and professional. He always finds a way to make his patients comfortable. His actions affirm a strong commitment to delivering quality hearing healthcare to any member of the community who is in need of it. Lastly Dr. Godinez professional collaborations are always embodied by enthusiasm and a desire to better our profession. I strongly believe that he undoubtedly enriches his peers, colleagues and the profession we love.

Steven Cuddy, Audiologist & CEO


Community Family Care (medical group)

Dr. Godinez is one of our providers in our network and as an organization we are grateful to him because he helped us control Audiology costs but at the same time provide good patient care. We also value him because he routinely downcode’ s procedure codes and reimburses us promptly when we over pay him.

Jason W, Business Development/contracting


Noble Community (medical group)

It is my professional opinion that Dr. Godinez is an excellent Audiologist and has compassion and a genuine care for his patients. I have seen nothing but exemplary work from him and trust him whole heartedly with my patients. I believe he has compassion and also astute knowledge of the managed care system with which we all chose to be a part of even during difficult times. I would recommend him to any patient or physician looking for an audiologist for both children and adults.

Michael K M.D., Medical Director