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At Sherman Oaks Ear & Hearing Institute, innovation is our top priority, and our goal is always to provide the latest hearing aid technology. We have been honored by Whisper to be one of the first practices to offer the newest hearing aid that gets better over time, always learning and improving. This latest technology was designed by a group of artificial intelligence, hearing care, hardware and software experts. The goal was to make an affordable device to keep pace with current technology and to develop a ground-breaking hearing solution that keeps improving over time.

The Whisper Learning Hearing system starts smart and keeps improving and adapting thanks to recurring complimentary software upgrades and the Whisper Brain ability to evolve using artificial intelligence. Upgrades can include new features, improved sound processing, hardware enhancements and design advancements.

Current hearing aids simply do not compare to the Whisper Hearing aid. It is powered by artificial intelligence, advanced sound separation technology, along with real-time processing and optimization. This dynamic adjustment to your surroundings allows Whisper to deliver a great hearing experience anywhere you are. With Whisper, rather than owning hearing technology that quickly becomes outdated, you will always be updated to the latest and greatest option at no additional charge.

Whisper can be obtained through a economical monthly plan. It includes support from our staff and hearing care providers, a lease of the Whisper Hearing aid, software upgrades as they become available, and a 3-year warranty including loss/ damage coverage. This simple pricing model is new to the hearing aid industry and a sign of where amplification is evolving.

Whisper is offering special pricing to commemorate this new Innovation of hearing aid. Call our office for a no obligation/no money down trial today. You deserve the opportunity to try Whisper at home to see how it benefits your life. Come see for yourself what all the buzz is about.

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