Otitis externa is commonly known as Swimmer’s ear and usually occurs in the summer time. It is actually a bacterial infection usually common in kids, but also prevalent in adults, specifically those with eczema, allergic skin reactions, excess earwax and those who wear earbuds, earphones and/or hearing aids. It is typically caused by water retention in the outer ear canal, which tends to create moisture. The excessive moisture irritates the ear and allows for bacteria to develop. Generally, it cannot be spread from one person to another person and it is usually treated with antibiotics (tablets or ear drops). Applying a couple of drops of half rubbing alcohol and half vinegar has proven effective in some cases. Those with chronic infections should try drying their ears with a fan or blow-dryer to relieve the ear from moisture. If the problem is persistent, investing in custom earplugs (swimmers earplugs) will prevent water from entering the ear while swimming or showering.